Rates and Standard fees

Hourly rate
  • Sedan: $100/Hour - 2 Hrs/Minimum 

  • SUV: $125/Hour - 2 Hrs/Minimum

  • 12 Passenger Van (10 pass w/ Luggage):  $150/Hour - 2 Hrs/Minimum

*Detailed Point-to-Point rates can be reviewed in our online booking page per specific vehicle and trip type


Airport transfers fees
  • Airport transfer fares are based on your pickup or destination To/From the specified airport, and requested vehicle category. Please call us for a quote rate or use our booking tool for an instant quote. Minimum fare and cancellation fees policy applies. Please consult our Policies page for additional information

  • $25 meet and greet at baggage claim

  • $10 fee for each stop (Stop In-route).

  • After 1 hour rate will be converted to our regular hourly fee

  • $10 Red Eye fee applies for transfers and pickups between 11:30pm and 5:00 am

  • Holiday fee applies - Please see our Policies page


Minimum Fare / Cancellation fees
  • Fare due in full If cancelled within 3 hours of requested pickup time. Please refer to your reservation agreement upon receiving confirmation

  • $50 Minimum fare 


Pickup wait time
  • We provide you with a 10 minutes grace wait time upon arrival to your pickup location.

    • Airport - Domestic: 30 minutes for domestic flights pickup

    • Airport - International: 60 minutes for International flights pickup (Full hour rate will be charged passed grace period)

    • $1 per min wait will be applied there after 


  • 20% gratuity is added to every fare


Addional stops Point-to-Point
  • $10 per additional stop. Also applies for terminal stops at airport


Want Your Clients to Travel in Style? Book for the Best VIP Limo Rentals in Dallas, Texas
So far as established corporates are concerned, they have gained a lot of experience in running their businesses increasing their procurement or production, improving their sales and marketing, constantly negotiating in every field of commerce and in other related fields. They know from
experience as to how to impress, make their clients feel like VIPs and how to impress upon their competitors and vendors. An important part of the activities is reaching at their destinations in style.

So, they know that to achieve this aim they should not arrive in ordinary taxies, but in VIP limo rentals or better in Mercedes Benz limo rentals. Today, VIP Limo Rentals are not only used by the corporates but also by other people on special occasions. Most people prefer to use it to go to DFW Airport so as not to be late for a flight, newly married couple use it to exit the church or venue of marriage in style, young people use it to go to their prom nights, others book for VIP Limo Rental in Dallas, Texas to just impress. The list is long. So, an interesting question arises as to why do people, and in particular corporates like to rely on VIP Limo Service in Dallas, Texas. The question is not hard
to answer.

● Reliability of VIP Limo Service in Dallas, Texas
One can easily relax so far as the transportation is concerned after confirming a booking with a reliable VIP Limo service in Dallas, Texas. One is assured that the rental vehicle from VIP Limo Rental will arrive on time thereby eliminating concern on the availability of the vehicle.

● Multiple Options
Whichever VIP Limo service you book in Dallas, Texas would also ensure that the right type of Limo is provided according to the number of passengers, whether single, a dozen or more. This type of service is very important for corporates as luxury transportation is often required for
their people going to conventions or receiving a team of their clients who have to be impressed right from the time they are picked up from the airport.

● Cleanliness
The corporates would definitely want to provide their clients or their own staff with clean vehicles and from experience they know that instead of sending one of their officials to inspect the vehicles to be hired, they can book the best VIP Limo service in Dallas, Texas and rest assured of cleanliness.

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